Saturday, June 30, 2007

Platform Festival - June 27 '07 - Part 3

When I got to the entrance of the Winningstad Theatre I ran into this lovely lady. This is Anne Denman, the coordinator of the Attack of the Blog: Meet the Bloggers Panel. I was caught off guard by how pretty she was.

Here's the scene when I got to the stage as the final set up was in progress. That's Dan Sarto of AWN on the left and fellow panelists seated at the table.

Three of the blogger panelists. From left to right, Ovi Nedelcu, Ward Jenkins and Jon Izen.

This is Aaron Simpson of rounding out the team.

From my vantage point within the theatre seated at the dias, this is what I looked out upon just prior to the doors opening for the general public to enter. The Winningstad Theatre is designed in the classic Skakespearean style with a second and third floor balcony. The blue that you see at the bottom of the picture is the table top.