Saturday, June 30, 2007

Platform Festival - June 27 '07 - Part 8

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the Platform picnic. Here's a group tossing around a frisbee. Cartoon Network provided frisbees in the carry all bags given to festival goers.

This sexy lady was a little mini-adventure. Her name is CJ Beaman, the official photographer for the Platform Festival. She came over, sat next to me and pretty much knocked me out with what she was talking about. I wasn't prepared for this burst of conversation but did my best to hang in there. When she asked me the kind of women I like, I thought to myself to be honest so I told her. A split second later she was off shooting pictures of little kids playing. Ya live and learn folks, live and learn. Next time I'll think twice before giving an honest answer, especially when it comes to someone as fun as she was.

All good things must continue in one way or another, so we headed to the buses for the trip back to town and the afternoon events at the Platform Festival, enjoying the scenery as we crossed from the island.


Homes along the shore as we approach the mainland.

Getting closer to downtown and the Performing Arts Centre