Saturday, June 30, 2007

Platform Festival - June 27 '07 - Part 4

As the panel was in progress, I caught this shot of Dan Sarto, the panel's moderator, listening attentively to one of the panelists.

Once the Blogger Panel had wrapped up, we were told about an excursion taking place to a local island for a picnic luncheon. There were a fleet of buses parked up the street to take us there. On the way to the bus, I walked by the park I saw earlier and took this panoramic shot. As with all the photos in the blog, clicking on the picture will give you a better view.

This good lookin' guy is none other than Jerry Beck of and Jerry honored us by attending the Blogger Panel. I hope he gave it a decent review.

Once I boarded the bus, I felt like I was riding with an all-star team. Here's Dan Sarto and Jon Izen in conversation.

Aaron Simpson was busy contemplating the Blogger Panel experience while other Platformers engaged in conversation.

On the way to the picnic while the bus was stopped at a light, I saw this fellow sitting on the steps of a building. I was compelled to take the shot. Good folks, the people of Portland. I really enjoyed their company.

As fate would have it, I found myself sitting right behind the Platform volunteer who picked me up from the airport the day before. This is Marten, a Portland local and a cool dude. In my conversation with him I found out that he has three Bachelors Degrees from Penn State University. And he was also on Penn State's national champion fencing team. Remarkable.

Before too long we reached the picnic. It was on Suavie Island, Bybee-Howell Territorial Park. A beautiful place for a get together like this with a surprisingly large crowd.